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Legal Research & Writing

Skills Exam Essay Tutorial



This lecture covers key strategies towards preparing for and taking the Skills Exam logical reasoning assessment.  Using the sample memo provoided by NALA, the course provides a 7 step approach to organizing material facts, spotting the key issues, outlining the relevant law, and applying the legal principles to the fact

Effective Legal Writing Tutorial



Are you finding it frustrating to effectively convey your argument in a legal writing assignment?  Do you often find that your writing runs into many "dead ends" as you attempt persuade?  In this brief tutorial, we run through the basics of legal writing organization and getting the reader to the

Using Jury Charges for Preliminary Legal Research



Often times knowing where to start your legal research is the most important tool in conducitng efficient and effective legal research.  The legal research databases commonly used, such as Westlaw or Lexis, can be overwhelming to the rookie legal researcher.  In this tutorial, we show you how jury charges found

A Guide to Case Law Interpretation



To be honest, court opinions are not simple reads!  Often times the reader will have a difficult time analyzing the opinion regardless of experience levels.  With computerized technology and legal research software programs, the art of old fashioned case briefing has been forgotten by many legal professionals.  This lesson will

Sources & Classifications of Law



A thorough understanding of classifications and sources of law is critical in order to properly organize a legal research plan on a matter you are assisting in handling.  Depending on how a legal professional classifies a legal matter will make the difference between starting research on federal statutes instead of

Legal Writing Skills for Paralegals



While television portrays litigation exclusively through the eyes of oral advocacy, the reality is most cases are driven by written communications. No matter what level of experience you have, you are constantly being called on to utilize this critical skill! Knowing the law is useless if you are unable to

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