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The New York City Paralegal Association, Inc., (NYCPA) is dedicated to providing cost-effective training opportunities that meet the needs of its members and enhance their skills, knowledge, and competencies. NYCPA has partnered with The Paralegal Education Group, a Division of The Paralegal Education Group, LLC to provide discounted continuing education opportunities for its members. NYCPA members can enjoy our large selection of individual courses and certification exam online review courses for up to 50% off!

You may register online by clicking any of the courses located below and proceeding through checkout or, alternatively, by contacting us directly at 732-241-6388. We look forward to working with you and helping you advance your professional career!

Step One: Certified Paralegal Knowledge Exam Course



This online study course is designed to support the paralegal in preparing for the certified paralegal Knowledge Exam.  The study materials are broken down into units covering each topic tested on the examination:   Exam Overview & Legal Exam Testing Strategies  Unit States Legal System  Civil Litigation Contracts Corporate/Commercial Law Criminal

Case Briefing Tutorial



Welcome to a tutorial on case briefing. 

Step Two: Certified Paralegal Skills Exam Review Course



This online study course is designed to support the paralegal in preparing for the certified paralegal Skills Exam.   The program provides materials covering each unit tested on the exam as follows: Writing Comprehension  Grammar, Spelling, and Punctuation Clarity of Expression Critical Thinking Reading Comprehension Analysis of Information Decision Making At the

Paralegal Capstone Assessment Program



This is an online curriculum that effectively serves as a capstone course employing a broad range of substantive legal skills including legal research, legal writing, analytical reasoning, oral communication, professionalism, and substantive areas of law.  Students will be required to demonstrate their mastery of the paralegal core curriculum learning goals

A Guide to Case Law Interpretation



To be honest, court opinions are not simple reads!  Often times the reader will have a difficult time analyzing the opinion regardless of experience levels.  With computerized technology and legal research software programs, the art of old fashioned case briefing has been forgotten by many legal professionals.  This lesson will

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