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This package of online material is designed to provide study support for paralegals preparing to sit for a certification examination.  The bundle provides resources on some of the most commonly tested legal specialty areas.  Each Module contains the following resources:

  • Content Outlines
  • Video Lectures
  • Practice Quizzes (with answer explanations) 

As you complete the practice quizzes, you will also have access to a virtual gradebook so that you are able to review your results and identify your strengths and weaknesses. 


The materials provided in this bundle are not specific to any one exam or, alternatively, a published review manual/textbook.  These resources should be viewed only as a supplement to your studies and exam prep.  For exam specific materials, resources, or courses please contact the association or entity that sponsors the examination you are interested in taking.  

Materials are broken down into legal specialy modules as follows:  

  • Module One: Ethics & Professional Responsiblity 
    • Unit One:  Unauthorized Practice of Law 
    • Unit Two:  Confidentiality and Attorney/Client Privilege 
    • Unit Three:  Conflicts of Interest 
    • Unit Four:  Advertising & Soliciation 
  • Module Two: U.S. Legal System
    • Unit One:  Branches of Government & Sources of Law 
    • Unit Two:  Venue & Jurisdiction 
  • Module Three: Five: Legal Research
    • Unit One:  Primary Authorities 
    • Unit Two:  Secondary Authorities 
    • Unit Three:  Court Reporters 
    • Unit Four:  Legal Writing & Critical Analysis 
  • Module Four: Civil Litigation 
    • Unit One:  Initial Case & Pleadings 
    • Unit Two:  Discovery & Motions 
    • Unit Three:  Trial & Appeals 
  • Module Five:  Business Organizations 
    • Unit One:  Business Entities 
  • Module Six: Contracts
    • Unit One:  Types & Formation of Contract 
    • Unit Two:  Contract Defenses 
    • Unit Three:  Third Party Rights and Contractual Remedies 
  • Module Seven:  Criminal Law
    • Unit One:  Classifications of Crime & Criminal Elements 
    • Unit Two:  Criminal Defenses 
    • Unit Three:  Constitutional Righs & Trial 
  • Module Eight: Wills, Estates & Probate
    • Unit One:  Property Rights & Ownership 
    • Unit Two:  Wills 
  • Module Nine:  Real Estate 
    • Unit One:  Deeds & Easements 
    • Unit Two:  Ownership & Closing Procedures 
  • Module Ten:  Torts
    • Unit One:  Intentional Torts 
    • Unit Two:  Negligence Torts 
    • Unit Three:  Strict Liability Torts 
  • Module Eleven:  Family Law
    • Unit One:  Introduction to General Family Law Concepts 
  • Module Twelve:  Judgment & Analytical Ability (Legal Essay Exam Tutorial) 
    • Unit One:  Keys to Breaking Down a Fact Pattern & Writing a Logical Reasoning Legal Essay 

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