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PEG to Launch Live Chat Feature in Certification Exam Review Courses

The Paralegal Education Group, LLC is excited to announce a fully functional "live chat" feature that will be integrated into all online certification exam review courses starting on May 1st. The new programming function will mark yet another leap forward in creating an ideal online learning environment through a balance of effective synchronous and asynchronous instructional methods. Here are just a few of the key features:

  • Real Time Support-Students enrolled in a review course will have unfettered access to the course chat where they can ask questions and receive instantaneous support from faculty and fellow students who are in the class chatroom.
  • Live Interactive Reviews-Faculty will be able to easily schedule set review times throughout the week for students to login to the class chatroom and receive instruction, course updates or practice test question review.
  • Chat Transcripts-If a student misses a live chat due to scheduling conflicts, he/she will be able to view a transcript log of the chat sessions they missed.
  • Easy Chatroom Access-Students will be able to access the class chatroom with a simple click of a button from the course dashboard. Just like all PEG website programming, the chat is fully mobile and tablet compatible allowing live chat from any device with an Internet connection.

Studies show that the average faculty response time to a student e-mail in an online course is almost twenty-four hours! What's more, add in the inevitable follow-up questions and a student might be waiting days to get clarification on a given topic they are studying.

According to Michael K. Sullivan, Esq., PEG Co-Founder and Lead Faculty member, the Live Chat feature will be used in several ways during courses starting on May 1st. Mr. Sullivan explains:

Starting with the May 1st review courses, PEG Faculty members will conduct at least one or two live chat sessions with students weekly in each course. These sessions will key in on the concepts being studied in the unit materials for that week. While not mandatory for all students to attend, the sessions will afford those that desire additional live support the opportunity to interact directly with faculty in real time creating as close to a live classroom setting as possible. For those unable to attend, transcripts of all chat sessions will be logged for students to view at a later time. Finally, at the end of each review course the faculty will conduct a live chat 'capstone' review session with students to assist them in their final exam preparations.

When asked why a live chat feature can make such a big difference in the learning experience for students, Mr. Sullivan indicated:

Having taught online courses at the college level for almost fifteen years, I've learned that the key part of a successful course is maintaining student engagement through collaborative learning features that are easy to use and give the students exactly what they want when they want it. Collaborative learning adds a social aspect to e-learning that increases the learning experience for students tremendously and removes the dreaded feeling of isolation many have studying from home on their own. We constantly assess our student satisfaction and it became quite clear the most desired feature was flexible and convenient real time instructor access and that's exactly what we are going to start providing to them.

For more information regarding the programs PEG offers for paralegal credentialing, along with the PEG Pass Guarantee, please visit our certification page by clicking HERE

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