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PEG Launches Redesigned Student Membership Platform

Over the past several months, The Paralegal Education Group, LLC has fully redesigned its student membership platform and is excited to launch the Paralegal Academic Student Support ("PASS") initiative. While the paralegal student membership access will remain available in three separate tiers of unlimited access (3, 6, & 12 months), there are many new features that will greatly improve the member learning experience.

The newly designed student membership dashboard is the product of feedback solicited directly from current PEG student members. The PASS platform provides the perfect online learning environment for today's paralegal student through a wide array of features such as:

  • Real Time Support-Members have around-the-clock access to PEG faculty members. All faculty members with PEG are current paralegal instructors at ABA approved institutions ensuring that the help you get is exactly what you need.
  • Unlimited Learning Access-The student dashboard currently has fifty-five (55) student specific course lectures and learning modules designed to supplement the in-class instruction students receive in their programs of study. Many new lectures are added each month!
  • Mobile Friendly Platform-Members can access the dashboard and utilize all of the learning features from their mobile or tablet device.
  • Member Discounts-All student members receive a 50% discount on any of PEG online paralegal certification/credentialing examination review courses.
  • Student Transcripts-Keep track of all course enrollments as well as completed courses and easily print out Certificates of Completion. Great resume builders!

According to Michael K. Sullivan, Esq., PEG Co-Founder and Lead Faculty member, the PASS platform was created to provide current and prospective paralegal students a continuing education benefit that simply didn't exist:

The online continuing legal education (CLE) market for practicing paralegals is heavily populated and becoming increasingly crowded each year. However, there was nothing out there to help paralegal students outside of the classroom, which is where students spend the vast majority of their learning time. With paralegal programs becoming increasingly accelerated while the legal paraprofessional practice has only become more complex, students were in desperate need of supplemental learning. The PASS initiative is obviously about helping paralegal students excel academically but it's also about giving them supplemental support to ensure they can transition from classroom to practice as smoothly as possible.

When asked why the PEG PASS initiative is so unique, Mr. Sullivan answered:

First, the quality and ease of use with the membership dashboard is second to none. We redesigned the user experience directly around feedback we elicited from our current student members.

Second, the pricing scheme is designed to fit the needs of today's paralegal student both in terms of flexibility and cost. Access can be purchased in three "tiers" giving members the ability to create a membership that fits exactly what they desire. That is, most 'unlimited' subscription based continuing education platforms for paralegals only allow a full year purchase option, which also unfortunately are priced incredibly high. Many paralegal students, whether they want the access for only a semester or, alternatively, a six month program can create exactly that. Of course, if they want the full year they have that option too. With PASS, students only pay for the period that they will actually use.

And thirdly, speaking of what students will use, members will actually utilize 100% of what they purchase because it provides exactly what a paralegal student needs. Again, with many of the 'unlimited' CLE options out there, it might offer access to 1,000+ courses but the vast majority of those courses are either lawyer courses recycled for paralegals or, worse off, courses the member doesn't need for his or her specific practice areas. With PASS we set out on a mission to give paralegal students a resource they would fully use at a price point they could easily afford. We are very, very excited about the product we have created and are confident that paralegal students nationwide will think so too.

For more information regarding the Paralegal Academic Student Support membership options, please visit our membership information page at:

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