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PEG Launches Free Review Course Trials!

The Paralegal Education Group, LLC (PEG), is excited to announce that starting next month, paralegals will have the opportunity to enjoy a free one-unit trial with all online certification exam review courses. Paralegals that might be on the fence about whether our review courses are the right fit for them will now be able to get a taste of the program at no cost. That's right, PEG review course trials are 100% free with no obligations whatsoever!

Michael K. Sullivan, Esq., co-founder of PEG explains: One of the most common questions we get from prospective students are inquiries about what the review courses are like. It's not unusual for us to get multiple phone calls or e-mails virtually every day asking us this question. Paralegals want to know how the study materials are presented, what resources they will have access to, do they get practice questions and, if so, how do they work. These are not surprising questions to receive because much of the study materials available for purchase out there are offered in a cloak of uncertainty, which likely makes paralegals weary before investing money into purchasing study materials.  No one is really giving them the chance to see what their courses are like.  As such, we figured that instead of trying to explain the features to students on an individual basis, it would be best to simply let students see it for themselves with a free one-unit trial. This way, prospective students can make a much more thorough and educated decision on whether the PEG certification review courses are the right fit for them."  

Additionally, the certification exam review courses are all being updated with new and improved content, outlines, and practice test questions with detailed explanations. Mr. Sullivan explains further:  "One of the most significant changes we are making is breaking the course materials down into shorter, much more detailed content.  This change is based strictly on the feedback we've received from hundreds of students whom expressed a desire to have unit lectures organized narrowly into a series 15-25-minute lectures instead of one 60-75-minute lecture covering all of the content for that unit." 

By way of example, in a review course that covers Civil Litigation as one of the units, the unit will be structured as follows: 

  • Part One-Initial Case & Pleadings 
  • Part Two-Discovery under the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure 
  • Part Three-Motion Practice 
  • Part Four-Trial & Appeals 
  • Civil Litigation Practice Exam 

Each lecture will also provide a student with a detailed content outline to help them follow along and take notes on the class.  The unit practice exams, which range from 10-25 questions each, permit students to measure their competencies on the topics covered in that Unit. Each PEG review course provides hundreds of practice questions, each one with detailed explanations. Students will receive immediate grading on the practice tests and can go back to completed tests to review the questions and explanations more thoroughly. The course grade book will keep track of a students overall grade through the course as a whole as well as on each individual practice exam. This way, students can effectively ascertain the specific areas of weakness they need to work most on prior to sitting for the real examination.

As always, the PEG Pass Guarantee remains in effect...students who complete a review course and do not pass the exam on their first try get a full refund of their registration fees!  According to Mr. Sullivan, "Simply put, PEG wants to create an environment that creates that maximum incentive and most risk free approach possible in accelerating a career via paralegal certification.  We don't want students blindly spending their hard-earned money on a review course that they've never seen, and we certainly don't want them fearing it being a waste of money if they don't succeed on the test.  With the review course free trial and money back commitment, paralegals now have literally nothing to lose in using our courses to help them prepare for a certification exam."  

The certification exam free trials will be available starting next month. Make sure you stay informed with notifications by signing up for updates below!

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