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PEG: A New Student Oriented Approach for 2018!

When we launched The Paralegal Education Group, LLC in 2015 we set out on a mission to help practicing paralegals advance their legal careers primarily through online certification exam review programs.  In a few short years, we have become one of the nationwide leaders in paralegal certification prep and are proud to say we have helped hundreds of paralegals nationwide accomplish their certification dreams and goals.  In fact, we are so confident in our review programs that we offer all of our clients a full money back guarantee in the event they do not pass...The PEG Pass Committment!

Over the passed two years, however, we have become increasingly aware of a very troubling trend in paralegal education.  To put it bluntly, many paralegal students are struggling tremendously inside the classroom when it comes to learning the critical core competencies they need to excel in this challenging and specialized profession.  With our network of paralegal professors, we were able to determine convincingly that these difficulties were not a geographically isolated issued or just a one year anomaly.  What's more, many students are having a very difficult time when it comes to finding competitive legal employment quickly upon graduation.  Not investing adequate time into quality career counseling and advising throughout their studies is a major concern.   

We have been receiving countless requests from enrolled paralegal students nationwide seeking supplimental outside the classroom support, training, and counseling.  We were listening!  We have spent the second half of 2017 crafting, designing, and developing the perfect virtual support platform for paralegal students.  Soliciting feedback from active students and our entire faculty of experienced paralegal instructors every step of the way, the platform provides the perfect combination of on-demand lessons, interactive practice assessments, and 24/7 faculty support for Q&A and individual consultations.  Included are extensive career counseling & advising products that will give students a significant advantage in job searching, professional marketing, and securing competitive employment quickly upon graduation. 

One of the most important features of the student support platform is flexibility and affordability.  According to PEG founder, Professor Michael Sullivan, "Paralegal programs come in all shapes and sizes ranging from a couple of months all the way up to a few years and we wanted to accommodate students in all program formats by providing tiers of access to the platform that best fit their academic needs."  Students have membership purchase options of three, six, or twelve month's which are priced at $49, $89, and $120 respectively."

The PEG Student Support Platform is NOT a replacement for the high quality paralegal education a student is already receiving in a program that they are already enrolled in or thinking about starting.  Rather, it's a virtual suppliment ideal for students who are struggling and/or desire to really stand out in the job market upon graduation.  "We like to think of the platform as a 'personal traininer' for paralegal students helping them reach their academic and professional goals," Professor Sullivan explained. 

Asked about the rationale behind a more student oriented focus in 2018 Professor Sullivan stated, "We are very excited to consolidate and focus PEG primarily into two critically important, and woefully underserved, areas of paralegal continuing education: certification examination prep and supplimental academic support & leaerning.  With there being almost five times more paralegal schools then there are law schools across the country, the job market for paralegal employment is about as stiff as it gets.  Paralegal students have to do more then just complete a program; they must work as much outside the classroom as they do in it and train themselves in ways that provide them a unique set of marketing credentials and that is exactly what the PEG student support platform affordably provides." 

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