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PEG to Launch Live Chat Feature in Certification Exam Review Courses

The Paralegal Education Group, LLC is excited to announce a fully functional "live chat" feature that will be integrated into all online certification exam review courses starting on May 1st. The new programming function will mark yet another leap...

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PEG: A New Student Oriented Approach for 2018!

When we launched The Paralegal Education Group, LLC in 2015 we set out on a mission to help practicing paralegals advance their legal careers primarily through online certification exam review programs.  In a few short years, we have become one...

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NALA CP Exam: Big Changes Coming in 2018

If you are a paralegal who has begun preparing for but not yet taken the Certified Paralegal Exam or, alternatively, one who is still working towards passing a remaining section or two, take notice that you have until the end...

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