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PEG Launches Redesigned Student Membership Platform

Over the past several months, The Paralegal Education Group, LLC has fully redesigned its student membership platform and is excited to launch the Paralegal Academic Student Support ("PASS") initiative. While the paralegal student membership access will remain available in three...

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PEG to Launch Live Chat Feature in Certification Exam Review Courses

The Paralegal Education Group, LLC is excited to announce a fully functional "live chat" feature that will be integrated into all online certification exam review courses starting on May 1st. The new programming function will mark yet another leap...

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NALS Partners with Paralegal Education Group to Bring a PP Review Program

PEG is excuted to announce that we have partnered with NALS develop a Professional Paralegal review program. Our course is a series of interactive online materials that will help paralegals prepare for the Professional Paralegal (PP) examination offered through NALS....

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PEG: A New Student Oriented Approach for 2018!

When we launched The Paralegal Education Group, LLC in 2015 we set out on a mission to help practicing paralegals advance their legal careers primarily through online certification exam review programs.  In a few short years, we have become one...

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Paralegal Employment: It's Much More Than Simply Graduating!

Back in 2015, BARBRI conducted the first ever "State of the Legal Field Survey" in an attempt to collect data on law students, recent graduates, and practicing attorneys. The survey revealed a remarkable difference of opinion when it came to career...

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Paralegal Certification for Military Members: NFPA, PEG, & JAG Join Forces

The Paralegal Education Group (PEG) is honored to a partner with the National Federation of Paralegal Associations, Inc., as one of the preferred vendors of online review programs for both the Paralegal CORE Competency (PCC) Exam and the Paralegal Advanced...

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Paralegal Student Competencies: How are you Stacking Up?

How well are paralegal students learning the core competencies in their classes?  Not quite as well as one might have hoped.  Over the past few years, we’ve had paralegals nationwide complete thousands of practical test questions in several key legal...

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Career Readiness & Job Prospects: Navigating the Perfect Storm

Chances are, many paralegal students enrolled in a program because of a belief that the career was one that is growing and had favorable employment projections in the long term.  In fact, according to the United States Department of Labor...

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3 Key Benefits of Proper Paralegal Utilization for Law Firms

“A lawyer’s time is their stock and trade.” -Abraham Lincoln   Law firms across the country are woefully underutilizing their legal paraprofessional support staff.  During the process of handling a legal matter for a client, there are many tasks...

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Ethical Pitfalls of Social Media

The latest data indicates that almost 80% of online adults use Facebook.[1]  While we let the significance of that number sink in for a few moments, let’s look at an even more fascinating trend: 91% of Facebook users use the...

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